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Transforming Period Properties into Modern Workspaces

December 13th, 2023

As a leading provider of serviced office spaces in London, we’ve mastered the art of blending historical charm with contemporary functionality, transforming period properties into dynamic and vibrant workspaces. With a portfolio that includes Grade II listed buildings and architecturally intriguing spaces, Workpad has successfully tapped into the unique advantages offered by period properties.

In this article, we explore the reasons why period properties make such exceptional workspaces and showcase how Workpad has seamlessly modernised some of its favourite office locations across London.


Why Period Properties Make the Best Workspaces


  1. Improved Productivity and Natural Light

One of the standout features of period properties is their ability to enhance productivity through the incorporation of natural light. Unlike many modern offices with artificial lighting, period properties often boast large windows that flood the space with sunlight. This not only contributes to a more pleasant working environment but has been linked to increased productivity and overall wellbeing.

  1. Character and Creativity

Period properties exude character and history, providing a stark contrast to the generic, box-shaped modern offices. The unique architectural elements, such as grand entrance halls, fireplaces, and intricate detailing, create a distinctive and inspiring atmosphere to work from.

  1. Spaciousness and High Ceilings

Compared to many modern office spaces, period properties typically offer larger and more spacious interiors with high ceilings. This characteristic provides a sense of openness and grandeur, contributing to a comfortable and expansive working environment. The ample space allows for creative office layouts and facilitates the design of diverse workspaces within a single property.

  1. Architectural Diversity

Period properties often showcase a diverse range of architectural styles, from Georgian and Victorian to Edwardian and beyond. This diversity allows businesses to choose workspaces that align with their brand identity and corporate culture, setting them apart from the standardised structures commonly found in modern office complexes.

  1. Established Neighbourhoods

Many period properties are located in well-established neighbourhoods with a rich cultural and social history. This provides an added dimension to the workspace, as employees can benefit from the local amenities and sense of community that come with being situated in a historical district.

  1. Stability and Long-Term Investment

Period properties are typically built with robust materials and construction techniques, providing a sense of stability and durability. Investing in a period property for office space can be seen as a long-term commitment, reflecting positively on a company’s stability and foresight. This contrasts with the transient nature of some modern office spaces, offering businesses a sense of permanence and a solid foundation for growth.

  1. Acoustic Benefits

Period properties often feature solid construction with thicker walls and better insulation compared to some modern counterparts. This contributes to improved sound insulation, creating quieter and more focused work environments. Reduced noise levels can enhance concentration and productivity, offering a distinct advantage for businesses that require focused and collaborative spaces to work.

  1. Adaptability for Modern Needs

While preserving the historic elements, period properties can be adapted to meet modern technological and infrastructure requirements. Workpad’s approach to modernising these spaces involves integrating state-of-the-art technology, high-speed internet connectivity, and flexible office layouts. This adaptability allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of both historical charm and contemporary functionality.

  1. Heritage and Prestige

Establishing a workspace in a period property conveys a sense of heritage and prestige, helping businesses to create a positive impression on clients and employees. The historical significance of the building adds a layer of authenticity and gravitas.

WorkPad’s Most Popular Period Properties

Explore some of our most popular period properties to see how we’ve transformed them into thriving modern business hubs.

22 King Street Serviced Offices

22 King Street is an attractive Grade II Listed period building located in the heart of St. James. The space underwent a transformation that preserved its historical charm while infusing modern functionality, creating a truly impressive choice of serviced offices in St James

Serviced offices 22 King Street
Flexible office space in 22 King Street

The grand staircase and original fireplaces were retained, creating a sense of elegance. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light. Workpad introduced contemporary elements such as sleek ergonomic furniture, whilst chandeliers in communal areas add a touch of sophistication, culminating in an energising and elegant workspace.

The workspace boasts a high quality fitout with break out areas, conference rooms, and a self contained kitchenette on each floor. It also has the added benefit of 24-hour access and a fully serviced reception area with a concierge.

17 Mill Street Serviced Offices

Situated in a former Victorian seed warehouse, 17 Mill Street represents a perfect marriage of heritage and modernity. Large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Mill Street and a courtyard communal garden provide abundant natural light.

Mill Street office space
17 Mill Street office space

Workpad capitalised on this by creating an open-plan office area, glass meeting rooms, and a private office. Original exposed brickwork was retained, and contemporary paint and vibrant furniture were introduced, resulting in a delightful fusion of heritage and modern workspace.

6-8 Ganton Street Serviced Offices

Located near Carnaby Street, 6-8 Ganton Street seamlessly merges minimalist design with Victorian features. Original elements, including Victorian windows and a fireplace, were carefully preserved.

Serviced offices in Ganton Street
Serviced offices 6-8 Ganton Street

The blend of these historical features with modern interiors results in a sought-after Soho office space. Effortless interiors contribute to a harmonious working environment, showcasing Workpad’s commitment to preserving and enhancing the inherent character of period properties

Choose a period property for your next workspace

Workpad has successfully harnessed the advantages of period properties, transforming them into modern workspaces that seamlessly combine historical charm with contemporary functionality. These carefully curated spaces not only preserve the unique character of each property but also create dynamic, inspiring environments for businesses to thrive.

Make your next work-home a WorkPad period property—get in touch to explore the wealth of options available for your business.

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