Debunking 6 Common Myths About Serviced Offices

Debunking 6 Common Myths About Serviced Offices

May 17th, 2024

If you’re new to serviced or managed offices, perhaps having gone down the traditional office lease route, then you’ll likely have some questions (and potentially even some reservations) on if flex is the right solution and fit for your company.

In this guide, we dismantle six of the most common myths about serviced office for your business.

1. They’re only a temporary option

It’s true that serviced office providers offer more flexibility when it comes to contract length, so you’re more likely to be tied into a 12 month term than a 10 year lease, but that doesn’t mean they’re just a temporary solution. On the contrary, their appeal extends far beyond a simple short term fix.

If the last five years have taught us anything, it’s that flexibility for businesses of all sizes is key. Having the option to flex up or down is what sets serviced offices apart. Rather than a temporary solution, this route gives businesses the option to regularly review their office needs, rather than being tied into a long term commitment that may no longer serve them.

2. You’ll face stigma from clients 

It was once thought that flexible offices were a sign that your business was either just getting started, therefore you required a cheaper solution, or that your future was uncertain – so you couldn’t commit to a long term lease.

In a post-pandemic world, this is no longer the case. There has been a fundamental shift and uptake in flexible workspaces from companies of all sizes, from household banks to tech consultancies, startups to enterprise businesses. The days of stigma are long gone – with flexible offices now seen as the smarter business choice. 

3. They only cater to startups and SMEs

Some larger businesses won’t explore serviced offices as an option, as they believe flexible workspaces only cater to those needing fewer desks. However, as the flex space has grown, so too have the options. Serviced office providers can now offer businesses anything from a 2 person space to entire floors, or even buildings.

The difference to traditional office setups really lies in the service, rather than the space itself. Serviced offices provide a more inclusive model, where bills, amenities, and even business support services are included conveniently in an overall monthly fee. Not to mention serviced office contracts are usually more flexible than their more rigid counterparts.

4. They’re the more expensive option

Despite offering more services and amenities than traditional offices do, serviced offices aren’t necessarily more expensive, in fact – they can actually be the more cost effective option.

Occupiers tend to overlook the costs involved in setting up their own office, including design and build, technology infrastructure, legal costs and tax – not to mention the amount of time and resource it takes. At WorkPad, for example in our managed offices Fitzrovia, everything is ready to go and fully furnished – we take away all the hassle so you can get to work straight away.

In addition, we handle all the facilities management, so that, for example, if your air conditioning breaks down, we will handle everything – so you aren’t distracted from running your business.

5. You don’t get 24 hour access

Another major myth is that serviced office providers dictate when you can and can’t access your office. This is not true.

Your space is there to be used when you need it. Whether that’s 8pm on a Thursday or 8am on a Sunday morning – continuous access comes as standard.

6. You can’t customise the space

Most businesses want the option to personalise their workspace, showcasing their brand and personality. You may think that choosing a flexible workspace will take away the option to customise your private office – but think again.

Serviced office providers will gladly tear down walls, add in meeting rooms, and help you design a space around your business, from paint to furniture and beyond.

It’s your space – the space where you create your future.

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