The importance of natural light in the workplace

The importance of natural light in your office

June 13th, 2022

When we think about office perks, an abundance of natural light is not the first thing that comes to mind. We’re more likely to consider free snacks, nap pods and on-site gyms as more rewarding and incentivising. However, research suggests that access to natural light and outdoor views are the most important attributes of a workplace, with the absence of both hurting the employee experience. 


With a big focus now on mental health at work, ensuring there is enough natural light in the office is a big challenge for business owners and office managers. At WorkPad, we understand the powerful impact that natural light can have on our professional lives and try to hand-pick offices and designs that will facilitate natural light exposure. But what exactly are the benefits of natural light? For owners and managers working with a budget and deadline for their new office in mind, is the reward worth the effort?


Natural light helps workers be happier, healthier and more productive

On average, we spend 80-90% of our time indoors, with around four hours a day spent on mobile devices. Our lives are full of artificial stimulation, which can lead to digital burnout and a number of associated mental health issues. For business leaders who need productive and efficient team members, this is a problem – but it’s one that can be significantly eased by access to natural light.


According to one study, workers who are exposed to natural light sleep longer and better than those who are not. Another study found that increased exposure to natural light resulted in an 84% drop in common complaints such as headaches, eye strain and blurred vision, leading to an overall reduction in sick days. 

It isn’t just our health that benefits when we receive an abundance of natural light. Due to the increase in vitamin D, we also feel happier and more resilient, which can lead to higher levels of productivity and engagement with workplace tasks. 


Natural light can potentially lower your utility bills

As any business owner knows, artificial lighting costs can stack up if you are in the office for 12 hours per day. For a small business or a startup, where profit margins can be very tight, taking this into account is even more important.


As the cost of living crisis in the UK continues to spiral out of control to a 40-year high, there has never been a better time to maximise the use of sunlight in your working day. With the correct use of natural light, you can reduce your need for artificial lighting, significantly reducing your electricity bills as a result. 


The key to achieving this, however, is dependent on your office design and layout. Almost every office can achieve greater access to natural light with the right design – for expert advice, talk to one of our in-house designers today for some tips


Don’t leave your office lighting to chance

With natural light exposure being such a powerful factor in happiness and productivity, we suggest you make it a priority when searching for your next office. Fortunately for you, our London office portfolio contains a wealth of impressive workplaces that are abundant in natural light and will serve all your needs. They’re ready and waiting for you to move in, so get in touch today to discuss a viewing and start planning your next HQ!

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