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The difference between serviced and Managed offices

July 27th, 2023

What’s the Difference Between Serviced and Managed Offices?

As the business landscape continues to evolve, so do the workspace requirements of modern, ambitious companies. Flexibility, convenience, and the freedom to tailor the workspace to suit individual needs are becoming increasingly important.

At WorkPad, we understand these changing needs. That’s why we offer two distinct office solutions – Serviced and Managed offices. Each option comes with its unique benefits, catering to different stages of business growth and objectives. In this article, we will highlight the differences between the two to help you choose the right workspace for your business.

 Serviced offices in London

The Convenience of Serviced Offices

London serviced offices offer a convenient and easy solution for businesses, particularly start-ups and small companies. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Fully Furnished Spaces: One of the key advantages of serviced offices is that they come fully furnished. Everything is set up and ready for you to start working from day one, from desks and chairs to office equipment.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Serviced offices include a range of services to support your daily operations. These services typically comprise reception assistance, IT support, cleaning, and utilities, taking the burden of managing these tasks off your shoulders.
  3. Flexibility: The beauty of a serviced office lies in its flexibility. You can change your space to align with your business needs. This will enable you to easily adjust to market changes or seize growth opportunities.
  4. Cost-Efficiency: The inclusive pricing model of serviced offices means that you have a clear understanding of your monthly expenses. There are no hidden costs, which is especially beneficial for businesses with tight budgets.

The Freedom of Managed Offices

As your business grows and you seek to establish your unique brand identity, a managed office might be the perfect solution. Managed offices offer the benefits of both serviced offices and traditional leases, providing convenience and customisation. Here’s what sets managed offices apart:

Customisation: You can customize managed offices to reflect your brand and company culture. This gives you the freedom to design your own unique space. At WorkPad, our spaces allow you to personalise your office, boosting employee morale and productivity.

  1. Tailored Services: Unlike serviced offices, managed offices provide a menu of services that you can choose from. This means you only pay for the services you actually need, avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  2. Scalability: You can easily adjust managed offices to accommodate changes in your business size and needs. You can adapt the space to meet your changing requirements without tying yourself to a rigid lease agreement.
  3. Privacy and Control: Managed offices offer enhanced privacy and control over your workspace. You have more autonomy in decision-making and can implement policies that suit your organisation without external interference.

Serviced office space

The WorkPad Advantage

At WorkPad, we go the extra mile to provide you with a seamless office experience. Here are some of the unique advantages you can expect when choosing WorkPad:

  1. Concierge service: We help you manage your office so you can focus on growing your business.
  2. Tailored Solutions: We offer customised options for new and existing businesses to match your specific needs and goals.
  3. Prime Locations: Our offices are strategically located in central business districts, giving you access to a network of potential clients, partners and talent. We offer managed offices in Soho, managed offices in Covent Garden and managed offices in Farringdon, as well as serviced offices Soho, serviced offices Fitzrovia, serviced offices Farringdon and serviced offices Marylebone.
  4. With experience in the property sector spanning over a decade, WordPad has been the trusted workspace partner for hundreds of companies of all sizes, providing a wide range of premium services. Whatever the client’s needs, we are there to help them create a bespoke environment which enhances their brand, strengthens their culture and attracts top talent.

Making the Right Choice for Your Business

Now that we’ve explored the differences between serviced and managed offices, it’s important to assess which option best suits your business’s current needs and future aspirations. Consider the following factors before making your decision:

  1. Business Stage and Growth: Your business’s current stage and growth projections play a vital role in choosing between serviced and managed offices. If you’re just starting or have a small team, a serviced office can provide the convenience and support you need without the burden of managing infrastructure. However, if you’re an established company looking to create a unique identity and workspace, a managed office can offer the freedom to design a space that fosters your company culture.
  2. Brand Identity and Culture: The workspace you choose should align with your brand identity and company culture. A managed office allows you to incorporate your branding elements, colours, and design aesthetics, creating an environment that reflects your values and vision. On the other hand, a serviced office might already have a pre-designed layout that may not resonate with your brand.
  3. Financial Considerations: Finances are a crucial aspect of any business decision. While serviced offices offer predictable monthly costs with inclusive pricing, managed offices can be more cost-efficient if you only select the services you require. Take a close look at your budget and assess how much flexibility you have when it comes to office expenses.
  4. Space Requirements: Consider your team’s size and space requirements when choosing between serviced and managed offices. If you’re expecting frequent fluctuations in team size, serviced offices’ scalability might be more appealing. However, if you need a dedicated and customised workspace for your team, a managed office can better cater to these needs.
  5. Flexibility and Lease Terms: The lease terms and flexibility offered by both options should be carefully evaluated. Serviced offices generally provide short-term contracts, allowing you to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Managed offices can also offer flexible lease terms but might require a more extended commitment to truly make the space your own.
  6. Amenities and Services: Assess the amenities and services provided by each office type and determine which ones are critical for your business. Serviced offices typically offer a wide range of amenities, such as reception services, meeting rooms, and shared spaces. In contrast, managed offices might require you to arrange for some of these services independently.
  7. Work-Life Balance: Consider how your office space contributes to your employees’ work-life balance and overall well-being. A comfortable, aesthetically pleasing workspace can boost productivity and employee satisfaction, leading to better retention rates and a positive work environment.


Choosing the right office space is important for business success in a fast-paced world. WorkPad offers both serviced offices in London and Managed offices in London, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that suits your business goals.

Serviced offices offer a ready-made solution for new businesses, providing convenience and necessary services without the burden of handling infrastructure. Managed offices are for established companies who want a special workspace that reflects their culture and identity.

Ultimately, the choice between serviced and managed offices depends on your business’s specific needs, stage of growth, and financial considerations. At WorkPad, we understand that every business has unique needs, and we design tailored solutions to accommodate your individual requirements.

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