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Privacy in Managed Offices: A sensible approach

August 11th, 2023

Why is privacy in Serviced and Managed Offices important?

In the hustle and bustle of modern serviced and managed offices, privacy can often fall by the wayside. Communal spaces offer cheap options for people to work together, but they can also threaten personal and professional privacy. At WorkPad, we recognise the importance of a balanced approach that ensures both productivity and confidentiality.

Managed Offices in London

The Current Trend in Communal Spaces

Flexible workspace providers are increasingly offering large communal spaces for customers to use on a pay-as-you-go basis. This service enables customers to come and go as they need to, often using multiple locations from a single brand. While this benefits their monthly customers, it may not always be in the best interest of office clients.

These communal areas are frequently full of monthly users, generating noise and clutter that can damage productivity. Important amenities (such as booths, soft seating and kitchen facilities) are often full, leaving no space for resident office clients.

Many businesses need privacy to work effectively – for example insurance companies, lawyers, accountants, and recruitment firms – and they cannot afford to be overlooked or overheard.

Recent surveys reveal that office workers generally need more privacy, not less. This goes against the trend of expanding communal spaces and offering smaller private offices with glass partitioning.

A Sensible Approach: Balance and Choice

Today’s evolving workspace environment requires a thoughtful balance between communal and private spaces. Communal areas can increase productivity, but they don’t always encourage collaboration with people from other companies. In fact, surveys show that most office workers aren’t interested in this type of interaction.

Communal spaces offer various working environments designed to suit different tasks. For example, a private booth might be the perfect spot to write a report or sift through emails. A more collaborative space could be the ideal place for an informal meeting. A soundproofed phone booth would be more suitable for a private Teams or Zoom call.

Ultimately, it’s all about choice and understanding what workers truly need.

A Commitment to Privacy and Productivity

At WorkPad, we offer luxury premium office spaces that ensure privacy and discretion.

We don’t force a “community” in each building. Instead, we see communal spaces as ways to help our clients be more productive. We offer a variety of working zones designed to accommodate different tasks, always considering privacy and individual needs.

The Benefits of a Private Working Environment

  1. Confidentiality: Private spaces offer security and privacy for businesses dealing with sensitive information, enabling them to work without worry.
  2. Focus and Concentration: Private offices reduce noise and distractions, helping workers focus and work more efficiently.
  3. Personalised Spaces: Private offices allow employees to customize their workspaces according to their needs, enhancing comfort and satisfaction.
  4. Professional Image: A good private office shows professionalism and can be important for businesses trying to impress clients and stakeholders.
  5. Well-being: Valuing privacy makes employees feel good by respecting and taking care of their personal and work needs.

Private working spaces

Exploring WorkPad’s Prime Office Locations

London’s vibrant business districts each offer a unique atmosphere and community. At WorkPad, we strategically locate ourselves in these areas to meet our clients’ diverse needs, while focusing on privacy and productivity.

Baker Street Offices

Baker Street is synonymous with elegance and historical charm. Our offices maintain these characteristics while providing modern facilities. Offering private spaces designed with discretion in mind, our clients can work in peace, free from unwanted distractions.

Soho serviced offices

People know Soho for its creative buzz and dynamic atmosphere. From soundproofed phone booths to private meeting rooms, we ensure that creativity can flourish without compromising confidentiality.

Managed Offices in Soho

WorkPad offers tailored solutions that adapt to your business’s unique requirements. Our spaces are flexible and inspiring, offering privacy for startups and established firms to innovate.

Serviced Offices Fitzrovia

In Fitzrovia, we provide serviced offices in easy reach of local amenities. From beautiful period buildings to state-of-the-art facilities, our Fitzrovia locations offer the best of both worlds. The provision of private booths and collaborative spaces ensures productivity without sacrificing privacy.

Serviced Offices Covent Garden

Covent Garden’s lively atmosphere and cultural richness make it a sought-after location. Our workspaces deliver the vibrancy of the area while offering secluded spots for concentration and confidential work. It’s a perfect balance that caters to diverse professional needs.

Managed Offices in Fitzrovia

We offer bespoke spaces for businesses, with different private working environments to suit our clients’ preferences and tasks.

Serviced Offices Farringdon

Farringdon, with its excellent transport links and thriving business community, is a hub for creative industries. Our centrally located managed offices in Farringdon have soundproofed offices, allowing you to concentrate on doing your best work.

Office Space Soho

Our office space captures the area’s lively environment. Our Soho locations offer different types of work areas, including open spaces for collaboration and private booths for privacy.

Serviced Offices Marylebone

Located in one of London’s most affluent areas, our serviced offices in Marylebone offer luxury and discretion. Beautifully designed private offices, complemented by high-end communal spaces, provide an environment where privacy and productivity go hand in hand.

Offices in Farringdon

From tech startups to established financial firms, our offices in Farringdon cater to a diverse clientele. We understand that growth requires focus, and our Farringdon locations offer the privacy needed to concentrate on your business’s development.


WorkPad’s commitment to privacy resonates across all our prime locations. By offering a thoughtful balance of communal and private spaces, we meet the demands of today’s office workers.

Your privacy matters to us, and we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional environments that foster productivity without compromising privacy.

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