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How To Choose The Best Serviced Office For Your Business

December 29th, 2023

Selecting the perfect serviced office for your business involves thoughtful consideration. At WorkPad, we recommend you begin your journey by focusing on the key elements impacting your operations and commercial success. Here’s a comprehensive guide on choosing the best serviced office – tailored to the unique needs of your business.

WorkPad Guide: How to Choose A Serviced or Managed Office

1.   Location Matters

The location of your serviced office is more than an address; it’s a statement. Go for a prime central location that reflects the professionalism and accessibility of your business. For example, a serviced office in the heart of a business district can boost your corporate image and make it easy for clients to reach you. Ensure good transport links for easy commuting, and explore parking options to accommodate your team and clients seamlessly.

Managed offices in Fitzrovia
WorkPad offices are located in prestigious business addresses

2. Look at what’s included

Serviced and managed offices often follow an all-inclusive model, encompassing amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi, cleaning services, and complimentary hot drinks – all within your monthly fee. Compare packages in your preferred area and discuss potential flexibility in these offerings with the operator. For example, some providers may allow you to customise packages based on your specific needs, ensuring you only pay for essential services. Our Fitzrovia serviced offices provide a range of all-inclusive options to consider.

3. Explore Additional Support Options

Find out if your chosen serviced office provider offers additional services such as call handling, mail forwarding, and 24-hour security, either included or at an extra cost. Understanding all available options upfront ensures you are well-prepared for your business’s evolving needs. For instance, having a dedicated concierge service can create a professional image for your company, whilst 24-hour security might be crucial for firms dealing with sensitive information.

4. Tailor your Office Design

Consider different layout options within the available office space. Assess how each layout benefits your team’s productivity and collaboration based on the nature of your business and team dynamics. For example, an open-plan layout fosters communication and teamwork, while individual offices provide privacy for focused tasks. Talk to your potential provider about how they can tailor the design to your brief. At WorkPad, we provide this service as part of our offering.

5. Check Customer Reviews

Research the satisfaction of existing clients with the serviced office providers you are considering. Look into reviews on Google to understand the quality of service and overall client experience. Look at specific comments about the responsiveness of the staff, maintenance of facilities and the overall atmosphere: a positive client experience is a strong indicator of a well-managed and reliable serviced office provider.

6. Consider Contract Flexibility

Serviced offices offer more flexible contracts than traditional leases, which can benefit start-ups and rapidly growing companies. Understand the flexibility of your contract, considering factors like term length, notice period, and penalties for early termination, and explore options for scaling up or down based on your business needs and negotiate terms that balance stability and flexibility.

7. Meet The Team

Your office provider acts as an extension of your team. Take the opportunity to meet them to evaluate the professionalism and friendliness of the on-site staff, from the concierge to office managers. A responsive and accommodating front desk team can improve the overall experience for both you and your clients, creating a welcoming atmosphere and boosting your brand image.

9. Book An Office Tour

Schedule an office tour to experience the space firsthand. Bring key team members to gain different perspectives, ensuring that the chosen office meets everyone’s expectations and requirements. During the tour, pay attention to the quality of infrastructure, cleanliness, and the availability of common areas.

10. Explore Meeting Room Options

Since meeting rooms are integral to business operations, enquire about the options: shared on-site meeting rooms or dedicated spaces within your office. Ensure they meet your specific needs, considering size, technology, and aesthetics. Having a well-equipped and aesthetically pleasing meeting room can enhance the professionalism of client presentations and team meetings.

Professional meeting rooms in Fitzrovia
WorkPad offers impressive meeting rooms

11. Evaluate Internet Speed

A modern business relies on a fast and reilable internet connection, so ensure that it meets your business’s demands. Discuss available bandwidth, reliability, and any additional costs associated with upgrading the internet speed if needed.

12. Discuss Alterations & Future-Proofing

Before signing your agreement, discuss the possibility of alterations to the office space. Whether adding additional plug sockets, modifying the layout, or creating internal meeting rooms, find out what’s possible and any associated costs. This proactive approach ensures that the office space can be adapted to accommodate your evolving needs and saves you the hassle of relocating earlier than expected.

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