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Benefits of a Central London Office Location

March 20th, 2017

Acquiring an office space in London is so much more than just simply securing a favourable rental term or an incentive package. Offices spaces in areas such as Soho and Shoreditch are home to some of the most cutting-edge buildings, featuring amazing spaces in which your business can grow and thrive, by attracting the best talent, adapting to long term business needs and inspiring your employees. Whether you’re in search of a contemporary office, corporate office, creative office, functional office or a traditional office, Central London is the place to be for quite a few reasons.

Why Central London?

Central London is home to a diverse array of UK and international businesses and organisations. Each district in Central London has become synonymous with very specific business sectors. For instance, the square mile accommodates more than 500 international and domestic banks, and the EC3 postcode has long been favoured by insurances providers, while the West End (Soho and Noho areas) tends to be favoured by the media and creative agencies. Other areas such as Kings Cross once used to be considered a run-down area, but with the arrival of Google it has transformed into one of the most sought after spots in Central London. But, Mayfair is still arguably the most prestigious address for office space in Central London.


Commuting too and from work can be a nightmare for some, and for others, the only way to travel to and from work. Being centrally located means that employees do not have to deal with the sharp rise in transportation costs. The fact that most employees look to live near the city means having your office in a central location allows your staff to commute easily to and from work without having to spend most of their time on the train or hopping public transport. Yes, while there will be some people who might live in far off places, the majority of your staff is more or less likely to live not too far away if your office is centrally located. Besides, having your office in a centrally located area of town means that public transport is not a problem, which takes some of the pain away from the daily commute to and from

Nothing Beats a Cool Business Address

They say the first impression is the last impression, and there’s no better way of making a great first impression than by having a cool business address. Location is everything, when it’s time to make a statement, and having an office in Central London smack in the middle of the city, gives the statement that you’ve made it! Plus, having a centrally located office makes it more likely for you to meet new clients as compared to being holed up in a office complex with hundreds of other offices.

A High Quality of Life

Central London is characterised by a mix of vibrant shops and eateries peppered with high profile office spaces, which means that it has a lot to offer to many who come to London in search of jobs and a new life. That’s the main reason why professionals from over 180 nations flock to London and more specifically, Central London, to take full advantage of the capital’s rich cultural and recreational offerings and its high quality of life.

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